List  Indian journals of political science

1.       Economic & Political Weekly – Hitkari House Sheet Bhagat Singh Road,  Mumbai (Editor-C.R. Reddy)
2.       Journal of Indian School of Political Economic – Indian School of Political Economic Arthbodh Senapati Bagpat Road, Pune (Editor-N. Rath)
3.       Seminar – F-16, Malhotra Building Janpath New Delhi (Editor-Tej Veer Singh)
4.       The Indian Journal of Public Administration – Indian Institute of Public Administration Indra Prastha State Ring Road, New Delhi (Editor-U.C. Agrawal)
5.       Indian Journal of Politics – A.M.U. Aligarh (Tafeeq E Nizami)
6.       The Indian Journal of Political Science – C.C.S. University, Meerut


Africa; An International Business, Economic, and Political Monthly

Africa Research Bulletin (Africa--Political, Social, and Cultural Series)

Africa Research Bulletin: Political Series

Africa Research Bulletin: Political, Social and Cultural Series (1992)

American Academy of Political and Social Science (Annals)

American Academy of Political and Social Science. (Monographs)

American Journal of Political Science. (Midwest Political Science Association)

American Magazine; or, A Monthly view of the Political State of British Colonies (Philadelphia)

American Political Science Association (Biographical Directory)

American Political Science Association (A Guide to Graduate Study in Political Science)

American Political Science Review (American Political Science Association)

Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine; or Monthly Political and Literary Censor (London)

Anuaryo: Journal of History and Political Science

Asian Journal of Political Science

Australian Quarterly (Australian Institute of Political Science)

British Journal of Political Science (Cambridge UP)

Canadian Journal of Economics (Canadian Political Science Association)

Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science (Canadian Political Science Association)

Canadian Journal of Political Science (Canadian Political Science Association)

Center for Political Research (National Journal)

Chinese Communist Affairs (Institute of Political Research, Republic of China)

Cobbett's Political Register (London)

Cobbett's Political Register (New York)

Columbia University. Research Institute on International Change (Global Political Assessment)

Comparative Political Studies (Beverly Hills, CA)

Dollar Magazine; A Literary, Political, Advertising, and Miscellaneous NewspaperEconomic and Political Weekly (Bombay)

Economica (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Egyptian Economic and Political Review (Cairo)

European Journal of Political Research (European Consortium for Political Research)Evans-Novak Political Report

Examiner; Containing Political Essays (New York)

G. Warren Nubber Lectures in Political Economy

Gallup Political Index

German Tribune Political Affairs Review

Global Political Assessment

Government and Opposition (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Graduate Faculty and Programs in Political Science

Harbinger, Devoted to Social and Political Progress (New York)

History of Political Economy (Duke UP)

History of Political ThoughtIllinois Political Reporter (Chicago)

Indian Journal of Political Science (Indian Political Science Association)

Indian National Congress (Political and Economic Review)

Indian Political Science Review (Delhi University Dept. of Political Science)Industrial Review, Social and Political (London)

International Bibliography of Political Science

International Journal of Political Economy

International Political Science Abstracts

International Review of History and Political Science (Meerut, India)

Interpretation; A Journal of Political Philosophy

James Sprunt Studies in History and Political Science

Japan Interpreter (Center for Japanese Social and Political Studies)

Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science

Journal of Commonwealth Political Studies (Leicester UP)

Journal of Political and Military Sociology (NIU)Journal of Political Economy (Chicago)

Journal of Politics (Southern Political Science Association and the U of FL)Journal of Social and Political Ideas in Japan (Tokyo)

Latin America Political Report (Latin American Newsletters, LTD)

Memo from Cope (Committee on Political Education, AFL-CIO)

Midwest Journal of Political Science (Midwest Political Scientist Association)

Moral and Political Telegraphe (Brookfield, MA)

National Journal (Center for Political Research)

National Magazine; or A Political, Historical , Biographical, and Literary Repository

North Carolina Magazine, Political, Historical , and Miscellaneous

Overseas Review (Conservative Political Centre)

P. S. : Political Science (American Political Science Association)

P. S. : Political Science and Politics

Pakistan Political Science Review

Perspectives on Political Science

Philippine Political Science Journal

Politeia (International Institute of Social and Political Sciences)

Political Affairs

Political Analysis and News (Illinois Student Association)

Political and Economic Planning (Broadsheet))

Political and Economic Planning (European Series)

Political and Economic Review (Indian National congress)

Political and Legal Anthropology

Political anthropology

Political Censor (Philadelphia)

Political Communication

Political Communication Bulletin (American Institute for Political Communication)

Political Controversy, or Weekly Magazine (London)

Political Detainees Update (Philippines)

Political Development

Political Economist (Baltimore)

Political Economist (Philadelphia)

Political Economy

Political Geography

Political Geography Quarterly

Political Handbook and Atlas of the World

Political Handbook of the World

Political Magazine and Miscellaneous Repository (Ballston, NY)

Political Methodology

Political Mirror (Stauton)

Political Olio (Binghamton)

Political Psychology

Political Quarterly (London)

Political Quarterly (Quezon City, Philippines)

Political Repository (Brookfield, Mass)

Political Research Quarterly

Political Science (Victoria University College)

Political Science Abstracts

Political Science Annual

Political Science, Government and Public Policy Series

Political Science Quarterly (Boston, New York)

Political Science Review (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Political Science Reviewer (Hampden-Sydney College, VA)

Political Studies (Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom)

Political Theatre (Lancaster, KY)

Political Theory (Sage Publications)

Political Thinkers

Political Year

Polity (Northeastern Political Science Association)

Population Studies (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science

PROD; Political Research: Organization and Design

Quarterly Checklist of Economics and Political Science

Ratthasatsan: Journal of Political Science

Review of African Political Economy

Review of Black Political Economy (Black Economic Research Center)

Review of Radical Political Economics

Scandinavian Political Studies

Scottish Journal of Political Economy

Scourge of Aristocracy: or Political Mirror

Southwestern Political and Social Science Quarterly

Southwestern Political Science Quarterly

Stauton Political Censor

Studies in Classical Political Economy

Tapol: U. S. Campaign for the Release of Indonesian Political Prisoners

Teaching Political Science (Sage Publications)

Town Meeting (League for Political Education, NY)

Tulane Studies in Political Science

U. S. L. A. Reporter (U. S. Committee for Justice to Latin American Political Prisoners)

United States Magazine and Literary and Political Repository (NY)

United States Political Science Documents

Universal Reference System (Political Science, Government, and Public Policy Series)

Western Political Quarterly

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